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Re:How can I remove the unnessary white spaces in user interactions when validation rules have been defined?​

Hi Ralph,


You described two options.


I was able to use the first option: combine a validation rule with a Visible when expression. It didn't come up with the whitespace. But, I am not enthousiastic about this solution. You have to define two 'mirrored' expressions, one for the validation and one for disabling the whitespace.
It does feel so unnaturally for a citizen developer: define an extra opposite expression just for disabling whitespace. 


The second option sounds much better, but I didn't succeed. I was not able to create a form item and put both the input field and validation rule into one placeholder.
Can you show an example how to create this?


Many thanks,



Posted:  2020-07-07 10:52 By: Peter Thread: How can I remove the unnessary white spaces in user interactions when validation rules have been defined? Category: User Interaction Editor



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