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Modeler v3 requires Flash plugin

Modeler V3

Modeler V3 requires the Flash Plugin for the Flowchart Editor. It needs to be installed AND permissions granted for modeler.wem.io. The V3 modeler is available at: https://modeler.wem.io/
Modeler V3 is best used in IE11 (template editor works best in IE).

Need Flash plugin?https://get.adobe.com/nl/flashplayer/
After installing Flash, you also need to specifically enable it in any browser you use for the modeler.wem.io website, but IE11 works best.
In Chrome: check chrome://settings/content/flash


Modeler V4

Modeler V4 is Flash-free, and can be accessed directly at:


  • Use Modeler V3 only in IE11 with Flash plugin.
  • Use Modeler V4 in Chrome (or Firefox, or Safari, or...)
  • Any project in the modeler can be used in both versions side by side. If some feature does not work well in one version, switch to the other.


Posted:  2018-08-27 14:41
last edited on 2019-11-19 13:06

By: Ralph
Thread: Modeler v3 requires Flash plugin
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