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Welcome! Please read the rules and guidelines.

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Welcome! Please read the rules and guidelines.

2016-04-15 12:12

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Michele Dekker

Welcome to the WEM Forum! This forum allows you and the WEM experts to easily share information relating to WEM and ZoomBIM’s services. We welcome your thoughts and participation.

Before participating in this forum, please read the general forum rules and guidelines:

If you choose to participate in this community, we ask you to comply with the following forum rules:

  • All communication will be in English. The WEM Forum is an international community, so let's make sure everyone can participate.
  • Respect all members and their posts, including personal contact information (email address, company, etc.).
  • Do not post any offensive content. Remain respectful of other members at all times. All posts should be professional and courteous. Never attack, degrade, insult, or otherwise belittle other members. Do not denigrate or criticize other individuals, products or companies. Any posts which constitutes defamation, harassment, or abuse is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not spam, advertise or promote yourself or your company in the forum. Do not ask for email addresses or phone numbers of other members.
  • Do not post copyright-infringing or confidential material. Post carefully and respectfully.
  • Do not cross post questions. Avoid posting the same question in multiple discussions.
  • Contribute by helping fellow members, refrain from corroborating their questions.

Disregarding these rules will result in removal of the respective content. When disregarded repeatedly, your account will be banned permanently.

When posting to the WEM Forum we ask you kindly to follow these guidelines:

  1. Search before posting a question to the forum to see if the topic may have been addressed previously.
  2. All posts (questions and comments) must be submitted in English.
  3. Be specific and concise with your question, so members can help you as effectively as possible.

WEM ensures that the forum is a respectful community and that all questions are answered in a timely manner. WEM Moderators may take certain actions to keep the WEM Forum organized and helpful for all users.

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